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Welcome to CG Masters fourth Houdini seminar. This bootcamp focuses on providing users of other 3D software a quick introduction to Houdini. At the end of the course, users should have a solid foundation on which to build their Houdini skills. Pre-requisite: Understanding of the basics of 3D software, such as Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, 3DSMax. The bootcamp demonstrates all the basic functionality of Houdini, a procedural software application by Side Effects Software. It is mainly for people who have seen how powerful the software is but are confused by the procedural nature of its tools. The course will provide a framework from which more learning and discovery can occur. Advanced registration is required due to limited seating.

Date: February 23, 2014 Time:10am to 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break
Presented by: CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects.
New Westminster, BC Canada, V3M 0G3

Price: Regular (Jan 25 and after) $199 Early Bird (before Jan 25) $149 CG Masters is conveniently located on the New Westminster Skytrain Platform, just 20 minutes by train from Vancouver. The station has many amenities including restaurants, Landmark Cinema, banks and pub. Once registered, you will receive payment information by email. Once payment is complete, your seat will be confirmed by email.

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Peter Bowmar – Houdini Instructor

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Peter Bowmar - Master Houdini Instructor

Peter Bowmar is a native Vancouverite and currently FX Development Supervisor at Rythm and Hues Studios. As a lad, Peter and his Dad and/or friends made stop motion Super 8 films, usually involving Lego, explosions and blood, not always in the same film. At the age of 10, Star Wars altered his life forever. This led to spaceships being added to the aforementioned Super 8 films, and lots of TIE fighters scribbled on notebooks. Cable TV volunteering led to a professional night cameraman role for Kelowna station CHBC, which taught him a deep and scarring fear of mistakes, as those made on live TV are seen by hundreds of thousands. Working on film sets in the late 80s and during his Ryerson Film degree days convinced him that he hated being on set. Fortunately the transition to digital effects conveniently happened to save him. An Amiga, Imagine and a Video Toaster launched him into freelance FX work in Toronto. His career took an unexpected turn when he went to Singapore to help set up the first film and animation school in that country. Being given $5 million to spend presented the chance to learn and teach all major high-end software packages, and Softimage 3D became the next package after obsessing on LightWave. During this time, he tried to learn Prisms (the predecessor to Houdini) but quickly gave up when he was introduced to an Alpha .8 version of Houdini. He left Singapore for Side Effects Software’s Los Angeles office, where he spent many years documenting, supporting and developing training for Houdini. He found occasional time to do some freelance work on shows such as The Cell, Master of Disguise and Minority Report. Peter then worked at Rhythm and Hues on such projects as Flight of the Phoenix, Electra, and Superman Returns. After his US work visa ran out, he and his family moved to England, where he spent a year completing his Masters degree in Animation at Bournemouth University.Another production stint followed, this time at Framestore-CFC in London, where he worked on the Academy Award winning “Golden Compass” as well as “Prince Caspian” and “Wanted.” While he and his wife both loved living in London, the opportunity to return home to Vancouver proved too tempting, and he returned in 2008.


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日期:2012年10月27日 时间:上午10时至下午6时,1个小时的午休时间 主办:CG大师学院,加拿大卑诗省新西敏市,V3M0G3604-522-3327 CG大师学院交通便利,新的威斯敏斯特轻轨广场88平台,只需20分钟从温哥华坐火车。 88广场有许多设施,包括餐厅,置地广场电影院,银行和酒吧。一旦注册成功,您将收到付款信息的电子邮件。付款完成后,您的席位将通过电子邮件确认。 欢迎来到CG大师赛第一霍迪尼研讨会。这不仅仅专注于为用户提供的其他3D软件进行了简要介绍,以胡迪尼。在课程结束时,用户应该有一个坚实的基础上,建立自己的胡迪尼技能。先决条件:3D软件的基本知识,如Maya,Softimage公司,光波,3DSMAX的认识。由于座位有限,需要高级注册   $ 199 + HST 彼得鲍马尔 – 胡迪尼讲师 彼得鲍马尔 – 主Houini讲师 彼得·鲍​​马尔是一个的本地Vancouverite和目前的3D技术总监方法公寓温哥华。作为一个孩子,彼得和他的父亲和/或朋友停止运动的Super 8部影片,通常包括乐高,爆炸和血液,而不是总是在同一部电影。在10岁,“星球大战”改变了他的一生。这导致的飞船被添加到上述的Super 8部影片,并在笔记本电脑上写下大量的钛战机。有线电视志愿服务,晚上一个专业的摄影师基洛纳站CHBC,这给了他一个深刻和疤痕的恐惧的失误,在电视直播中看到成千上万的作用。拍摄电影的工作,在上世纪80年代末,在他的瑞尔森电影度日数说服了他,他恨是一套。幸运的是,过渡到数字效果方便碰巧救了他。一台Amiga,想象和一个视频烤面包机推出了他在多伦多的自由FX工作。他的职业生涯发生了出人意料的转折,当他去到新加坡帮助建立在该国的第​​一部电影及动画学校。正在考虑花500万美元,呈现学习的机会,并教导所有主要的高端套装软件,以及Softimage的3D成为下一个包后沉迷于LightWave的。在此期间,他努力学习棱镜(胡迪尼)的前身,但很快就放弃了,当他被介绍给一个Alpha 0.8版本的胡迪尼。他离开新加坡的副作用软件的洛杉矶办事处,在那里他度过了许多岁月记录,支持和发展的培训,胡迪尼。他发现偶尔做一些自由职业者的工作,如细胞,伪装大师及少数股东报告显示。彼得曾在飞行的凤凰,伊莱克特拉,“超人归来”等项目的节奏和色调。他在美国工作签证后跑了出来,他和他的家人搬到英国,在那里他花了一年时间完成他的硕士学位,在动画在的伯恩茅斯University.Another生产限制其次,这一次的Framestore-CFC在伦敦,他曾在奥斯卡奖的“黄金罗盘”以及“凯斯宾王子”和“通缉”,虽然他和他的妻子都喜欢住在伦敦,回家的机会到温哥华证明太诱人了,他在2008年返回。

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