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  • 1) A Full Tuition Scholarship ($32,500) for one British Columbia Class of 2015 Secondary School graduate* (application deadline May 15, 2015)

  • 2) A Full Tuition Scholarship ($32,500) for one Canadian (outside B.C.) Class of 2015 Secondary School graduate* (application deadline May 15, 2015)

  • 3) …or a $2,500 Excellence scholarship for candidates demonstrating exceptional technical or aesthetic ability.

  • 4) …or a $2,500 Upgrade scholarship for candidates who have previous training but can’t find employment.

  • 5) …or a $1,000 Early payment bonus for all students who submit their full tuition more than 90 days before classes start.

  • *CG Masters School of 3D Animation and VFX reserves the right to change scholarships at any time without notice (Scholarships already awarded or applied for remain in force).
    *British Columbia high school students must have attended a CG Masters information session at their high school or at CG Masters campus in New Westminster to be eligible.

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    Going to the best 3D Animation and Visual Effects school shouldn’t cost you your life savings, or keep you in the poor house for ten years. At CG Masters we do every thing we can to make it one of the most affordable schools of its kind in the world while still providing the highest quality training. Our partnerships with the industry provide subsidies that make CG Masters the least expensive school of its kind in the region.

    Despite the better tuition, CG Masters employs the best of the best to be our Master instructors. There’s no scrimping where training quality is involved. You will receive better 3d animation and visual effects training from more experienced industry veterans than most anywhere in the world. And while some of the big schools are looking for ways to cram even more students into their already huge classes and increasing profit margins by hiring cheap, recent graduates to teach their classes, we are doing everything humanly possible to get you into your career with powerful skills without having to mortgage a house.

    So if you, like most people, are looking for scholarships or special bonuses to help offset the cost of your 3D animation and visual effects training give CG Masters a call. There are many different ways we can help you fulfill your dreams and career goals.

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        As an international student would I be eligible for the full scholarship?

        Yes, all international students are eligible for the full scholarship and the $500 early signup bonus.

        Hi there, how can i opt for a scolarship? I've been looking around this website but i haven't found anything about it.

        Hello Mr. Martinez There are three scholarships available. The $500 early signup bonus is available to all students who sign up before May 31. There is a $1,500 Canadian Student Scholarship for all students of Canadian citizenship for the first three semesters. There is a full tuition scholarship which is open to all students and will be based on a subjective evaluation of the student portfolio and interview results. To obtain the full scholarship the student must apply, receive a letter of acceptance, pay for the first semester of education and wait for the award. If awarded, any tuition paid to the school will be refunded as part of the scholarship. The scholarship does not cover living expenses. I hope this answers your questions. Very Best Nicholas Boughen Director CG Masters Academy

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